Start Here — Custom Knife Blocks

Start Here — Custom Knife Blocks

A beautiful and functional kitchen upgrade. We make knife blocks with a custom fit for your knife set, designed for your knives, your counter, your kitchen aesthetic and your preferences.

If you would simply like to have a "custom cut" of one of our standardly offered knife blocks, this service is +$50 on the standard price of the block. To see our standard blocks, click here

Here are the steps to design a totally custom knife block for your knives. Prices will vary depending on size, complexity, wood type, and shipping weight. Please reach out at any time with questions or to get a quote using the contact form below.

Choose your wood type:
Walnut (darkest)
Cherry (medium dark to medium, with natural variation, reddish)
Hickory (medium to light, with natural variation)
Birch (lightest)
Or choose a combination. We can create custom inlays or use two different wood types for the core and the outer "wrap" of the block.
Based on local availability, we may be able to get exotic woods as well. Just ask! 

Choose your slots: 
Pick out whatever knives, scissors, sharpening rods, etc. that you want to fit in your block and we can design it the way you want them laid out. 
We customize the slots to fit your knives, including making slots thicker to fit especially thick custom blades or cleavers. We will ask you for the length, height and width of each knife.

Choose your layout: 
Depending on what you prefer, you can choose any layout you want for your knives. We can even change the angle of the knife block to fit whether your counter is high or low to make it easier to see and select your knife while cooking.

We’d love to work with you to make a stunning piece that will fit your knives perfectly. Contact us at or using the contact form below to ask any questions and get a quote. 

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