SOLD Female Golden 300 Duck Flock

SOLD Female Golden 300 Duck Flock

Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your farm or add some laying ducks to your homestead without the duckling phase, this is your chance! 

Female Golden 300 ducks are currently available. 

Healthy adult females only. 

Hatched June 2021 at Metzer Farms.

Vaccinated against Salmonella and Duck Viral Enteritis, perfect for free ranging.

The Golden 300 Hybrid duck is the top egg laying duck, laying between 240-290 eggs per year. They forage well and are calm natured. Most are brown, but some have white patches. 

Adult female ducks at the age of lay are rarely available, so we are excited to offer these lovely ducks to other farms and families as we scale back our flock a bit. 

Sold as a whole flock or in trios. Delivery negotiable depending on quantity purchased and location.

Email me at if you're interested!



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