Alpine Goat Kid Reservations Spring 2024

Alpine Goat Kid Reservations Spring 2024

We have a few bucklings still available, please reach out for more information! Excellent dairy and packing lines. 

How to reserve for 2025: 

Contact us at or fill out the form below with your preferences. We will put you on our list to be contacted as soon as kids are born in early April. Once the kid or kids of your chosen sex or breeding have been confirmed born and healthy, then we will ask for a 50% deposit. Pickup in Lewistown, MT any time before June 30. 

About our ranch:

Stellamontes Alpines is located at 5,000ft in Lewistown, MT. We raise top quality Alpine goats for packing, milk production, and the show ring. 

Our foundational herd is from Garden Dairy Alpines, so we have fantastic genetics behind them. We focus on breeding friendly, hardy, productive goats. Our herd is ADGA registered. 



Can I transport goats across state lines? Yes! Every state has different requirements, so be sure to check what your state requires. We are happy to work with you to get vet paperwork or disease testing. 

Do you offer price discounts? If you are on our reservation list or waitlist before kids have been born, there will be a set discounted price for all kids for the year. Once kids are born, prices will increase for any goats that have not been reserved in advance. We will still offer a discount if you are purchasing more than 2 goats, even after kids are born. Pricing for individual goats is usually on each goat's listing.

Do you deliver? No. You must arrange your own pickup/transport for your goats. Pickup is in Lewistown, MT. 

Do you bottle feed? Not usually. All our kids are raised in the field with their moms. You are welcome to pick up your goat in the first few weeks of life if you'd like to bottle feed and have a "bottle baby". Please inquire if you're interested in having us bottle raise your kid for you. Even our dam raised goats are extremely friendly and loving. 

Do you disbud/dehorn? We will disbud or dehorn upon request at our trusted veterinary office. The cost is $30. 

How do I register my goat with ADGA? We can either register the goat for you and have their registration papers in hand at pickup (you'll only need to transfer them to your name later). Or we can provide you with all the forms and instructions to register them yourself. 

How much milk a day should I expect? Our Alpines are raised for excellent milk production. You can expect 2 gallons a day from a mature, 2 to 3 year old doe. 

Do you sell adult pack goats? We do not sell adult wethers (castrated males). However, we can castrate young males for you if you'd like. Our goats are athletic, large, and very docile, so you can confidently expect a great packer from our lines. 

Do you disease test? Yes. We are a tested clean, closed herd. We have always tested clean and use Washington State University Labs for our testing.  

How long do goats live? Alpines are hardy, long-lived animals and can live into their late teens!

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