About Stellamontes Ranch

About Stellamontes Ranch

ADGA registered, bred for both packing and milk production. 

Our Alpines are bred for their gentle dispositions, large size, and top milk production. They are raised here at Stellamontes Ranch in the mountains of Montana at 5,000 feet. They have access to logs and boulders to climb regularly. They are hardy, strong and coordinated. We train all of our goats on hot fence and to be led on a lead, so that they are easily handled.

We’d love to pair you with the perfect goats whether you are looking for pack prospects, a family dairy goat, a herd sire or show goats. 


Achilles is our primary herd sire. He is from excellent milking and packing lines. He is built wide with a great top line. 

Hector is from great milking lines. He has very long legs and is the friendliest goat on the ranch. 

Senior Does:

Uno is an American Alpine doe. She is very large and friendly. She kidded easily at a year. She is an excellent mother, hardy forager, and extremely friendly. Our top pack goat pick among our does. She produces very well on only pasture. 

Frenchy is a French Alpine doe and our top milk producer. She kidded twins easily at a year old and had no trouble raising both on only pasture. She is quiet and docile with excellent mothering abilities, even to kids that are not her own. 

Sugar is a very friendly doe. She kidded easily at a year and produced well on only pasture. She is curious and smart, becoming very attached to her favorite people and following us around the ranch.

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