Why buy a goat in milk?

Why buy a goat in milk?

Each year we will be offering a very small number of female Alpine goats in their prime. These will be tried and true goats that have kidded and been hand milked. At peak we expect them to give you 1-2 gallons of delicious, fresh goat milk a day. Check out our individual listings for available goats. 

We raise these goats especially for homesteads, families or goat milk enthusiasts who need a reliable source of goat milk right away. We take out the guesswork and set you up with a goat who is gentle, hardy, kids easily and produces abundant milk. 

We raise ADGA registered Alpine goats with high milk production and focusing on breeding for friendly, docile personalities. We raise our goats at 5,000ft above sea level and frequently take them on hikes, as well as raising them around dogs and training them to hot fence. Both horned and disbudded goats are available. 

We are transparent about the way we raise our goats and are always happy to answer any questions you may have about how we raise our goats and how they’ll thrive on your farm. 

If you’re new to goats we are always happy to recommend resources, goat groups and give you a schedule of care that our goats are raised with. We focus on simple, natural rearing methods that are practical and effective in keeping our goats healthy and productive. 

Contact me today to get on our waitlist for Alpine goats in milk, as our offering each year is limited to only one or two does. Does in milk are $600-$700. If you would like to also purchase one or more of your doe’s kids, we can offer a discount if the kid is available. 

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