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Walnut Butcher Block

Walnut Butcher Block

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This beautiful walnut end-grain butcher block is does not cease to impress. A truly impressive statement piece, the end-grain butcher block is self-healing and easier on knives than other cutting boards.

This butcher block is perfect for a gift, charcuterie board or everyday use. Each butcher block is made with ergonomically placed hand grips that allow for easy handling without sacrificing cutting surface.

The height of the butcher block is what makes it both eye-catching and surprisingly good for your back! If you have any back or neck pain while cutting, this cutting board is for you. By raising your cutting surface 2 or 3 inches, there is much less bending over to cut, reducing back pain.

Finished with food-grade mineral oil to ensure food safety.

Each butcher block is a work of art made to order. Butcher blocks will be shipped about one week after ordering. We ship via USPS Priority Mail, which takes 1-3 days. This item ships FREE. 

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