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Bold Knife Block in Walnut

Bold Knife Block in Walnut

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Our best-selling knife block! Sleek walnut wood knife block. 17 slots to safely store both large and small knives and scissors.
10” tall x 13” deep x 6” wide. 11 slots on the face, including a scissor and cleaver slot. 6 slots on the lower deck.

A classic and sleek knife block. This knife block adds subtle beauty and class to any kitchen with its clean lines and natural wood. Beveled edges and dark wood give a natural elegance.

A staple piece in any kitchen, a knife block is seen and used every day. This knife block is the real deal and will keep your knives safely stored in a kitchen piece you’ll want to stand back and admire.

Handmade in Montana.

Each knife block is made to order. Due to natural variation in the wood, each knife block looks slightly different and may vary from the one pictured. Production time is usually one to three weeks. This item ships FREE. 

We make custom knife blocks! We'd love to make the perfect knife block for you that fits your knives. Learn more by clicking here.

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