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Knife Block in Hickory and Walnut Plaid

Knife Block in Hickory and Walnut Plaid

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This gorgeous knife block uses a classic, bold hickory body with artisan plaid walnut inlays. 17 slots to safely store both large and small knives and scissors.

10” tall x 13” deep x 6” wide. 11 slots on the face, including a scissor and cleaver slot. 6 slots on the lower deck. Longest slot fits blades up to 12” long.

Custom Knife Block: Contact us to have a custom knife block made to fit your knives and match your kitchen aesthetic.

A classic and bold knife block that is elevated by the one-of-a-kind modern plaid inlays. This knife block adds interest and class to any kitchen with its clean lines and natural wood. Hickory wood has a lot of variation in its color, ranging from light caramel color to a rich nut brown. The dark walnut provides beautiful contrast.

A staple piece in any kitchen, a knife block is seen and used every day. This knife block is the real deal and will keep your knives safely stored in a kitchen piece you’ll want to stand back and admire.

Handmade in Montana and ships FREE! Production time is currently about 3 weeks after placing your order. 

We also make custom knife blocks to fit your special knife set! Learn more here.

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